Carol W. Bryant

Artist & Illustrator Carol W. Bryant

From an early age, Carol Walker Bryant knew art was a part of her soul. Winning her first art contest at the age of six, Bryant followed her dream and has continued to fan the flames for her passion and pursuit of art!

Receiving her degree in commercial art in 1991, and minoring in Fine Art, Carol has since been painting, sculpting and creating unique and diverse styles of art. From oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, collage, encaustic, Ink & Gouache, Clay in addition to photography, Bryant has successfully triumphed over each medium winning critical acclaim and awards locally as well as in regional competitions.

Grateful for all the joy and acclaim she has received through her God-given talents and opportunities, she shares those talents by teaching. Carol delights in seeing her students earn honors, awards and recognition and celebrates the joy of art with each of them!

Now with her newest venture, helping to illustrate the colorful backgrounds of the Hamilton troll series, Carol certainly is a multi-talented artist. “I get the opportunity to create the world of Hamilton Troll!” Using watercolor on Yupo synthetic paper, Carol is not only able to create eye-popping radiantly colored landscapes but modify and embellish those paintings according to desired scene. “It’s great.  After we’ve used a grassy field, I can erase a line of grass, paint in a pathway and even add new flowers or a bush.  This makes scene creation ultra easy.”

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