Did You Know Raccoons: Raccoons climb trees when they feel threatened. They also make their homes in old tree hollows (holes). Their eyes are surrounded by brown/black fur (mask). Raccoons have been known to clean their food. They are good at problem solving and can remember solutions for up to three years.


Did You Know Frogs: Frogs don’t drink; they absorb water through their skin. The smallest known frog is about 1in long, and the largest known frog is about a foot long. There are over 4,000 frog species in the world, with only 88 of them in the United States


Did You Know Rabbits: Rabbits are very social and need lots of love and attention Rabbits teeth grow continuously throughout their life. Rabbits ears help regulate their temperature.


Did You Know Owls Owls cannot chew their food because they do not have teeth. Instead, they swallow their food whole. When their food contains things they can’t digest, they regurgitate pellets (throw-up) Owls are unable to move their eyes which means they must turn their entire head to see in a different direction.


Did You Know Armadillos: Armadillos are the only living mammals with armor-like shells. Armadillos are born as identical quadruplets (4 exact copies) Armadillos have poor vision, but they have a strong sense of smell.  They can smell up to 7 inches below the ground! Armadillos sleep for 18-19 hours a day and are active at night….


Did You Know Beavers: Semi-aquatic, meaning they live in the water and walk on land. Beavers have thick fur and webbed feet for swimming. Beavers have large flat tails they use as paddles and packing mud on dams. Beavers have sharp teeth for gnawing on wood that grow back like fingernails. Beavers are herbivores, they…


Did You Know Woodpeckers: Woodpeckers can peck up to 20 times per second They tap holes in trees to find bugs to eat. They also drink tree sap and eat fruits, nuts and seeds. Woodpecker feet have toes that face front AND back so they can grip hold of anything (tree or pole)  


Did You Know Squirrels: Squirrels can swivel their hind feet backwards They can jump about 4 feet high or about 9 feet horizontally They can run about 12 miles per hour


Did You Know Skunks: Young skunks accidentally spray when they are afraid. Skunks have poor eyesight but excellent hearing and sight. They can run 10 miles per hour.  


Did You Know Bees: Bees are colorblind? They can’t see the color RED Male drone bees can’t sting Some Bumble bee’s don’t live in hives most live in the ground. They only make enough honey to feed themselves.