Hamilton Troll

Hamilton Troll is a curious and adventurous troll who just wants to learn and make friends. He asks questions, and shares what he learns with others so they too will learn.

Pink Light Sprite

The guardian angel of the group, Pink Light Sprite watches over the children in each story. She can actually be found hiding in at least one page of every story.

Barney Bee

Barney has a sweet tooth. He spends the entire day flying from flower to flower eating pollen until his wings can’t hold him and he falls right out of the sky. Hamilton then determines that Barney may need to exercise in order to get flying again.

Skeeter Skunk

Skeeter just wants to join in the big Stick-Nut game, but whenever the ball comes flying towards him or the crowd cheers loudly, it scares Skeeter, and when young skunks get scared, the accidentally spray everyone. Hamilton and his friends try all sorts of things to get Skeeter to stop.

Chatterton Squirrel

Chatterton’s parents are teaching him and his siblings how to jump from one tree to the next but Chatterton is terrified of falling! Hamilton watches the class and Chatterton’s brilliant idea, but when he hears Chatterton still needs to learn he comes up with a great idea and plan for him to practice.  

Fiona the Dog

Things were going missing; Merle Mouse’s mat, Rudy Rat’s hat and even Hamilton Troll! But Fiona learns through Hamilton that it is not nice to take other people’s things and that she should return them.

Starlit Troll

A flock of ducks are flying south for the winter, and atop one of the ducks back is Starlit Troll venturing out to explore the world. She stops by to see Hamilton and meet his friends.  

Rosa Raccoon

Rosa is beside herself when she tells Hamilton about the mean new kid Rudy Rat. “He popped my mushroom ball!” she exclaims after detailing all of the other bad things he’s done. Hamilton decides to have a talk with Rudy and then the children to solve the problem.

Whitaker Owl

Whitaker’s parents were teaching him how to hoot, because owls don’t instinctively know how just like human children need to be taught how to talk. Whitaker’s hoot though sounded more like a ghost’s eerie boo or he shrilled so loud it hurt Hamilton’s ears.

Rudy Rat

Rudy Rat was not very nice in the story but when the children were taught by Hamilton Troll to join together, tell Rudy what he was doing was not nice but ask him to play with them even though, Rudy learns it is more rewarding to have friends than make enemies.

Merle Mouse

Merle Mouse was Hamilton’s first friend. Hamilton met him when he was injured in the story “Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite”. In later stories you see where Merle lives as Hamilton goes to him when he is afraid when he lost his tree and when he was looking for Starlit Troll.