Hamilton Troll meets Chatterton Squirrel

Practice Makes Perfect Are you afraid of falling? Meet Chatterton Squirrel, the smallest in his family and the most frightened. While Chatterton’s parents were teaching their young how to leap from tree to tree, Chatterton kept looking down at the ground, worried that he would fall. Hamilton noticed how scared Chatterton looked and decided he…


Did You Know Squirrels: Squirrels can swivel their hind feet backwards They can jump about 4 feet high or about 9 feet horizontally They can run about 12 miles per hour

Chatterton Squirrel

Chatterton’s parents are teaching him and his siblings how to jump from one tree to the next but Chatterton is terrified of falling! Hamilton watches the class and Chatterton’s brilliant idea, but when he hears Chatterton still needs to learn he comes up with a great idea and plan for him to practice.