Did You Know Raccoons: Raccoons climb trees when they feel threatened. They also make their homes in old tree hollows (holes). Their eyes are surrounded by brown/black fur (mask). Raccoons have been known to clean their food. They are good at problem solving and can remember solutions for up to three years.


Did You Know Squirrels: Squirrels can swivel their hind feet backwards They can jump about 4 feet high or about 9 feet horizontally They can run about 12 miles per hour


Did You Know Skunks: Young skunks accidentally spray when they are afraid. Skunks have poor eyesight but excellent hearing and sight. They can run 10 miles per hour.  

Merle Mouse

Merle Mouse was Hamilton’s first friend. Hamilton met him when he was injured in the story “Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite”. In later stories you see where Merle lives as Hamilton goes to him when he is afraid when he lost his tree and when he was looking for Starlit Troll.