Hamilton Troll meets Barney Bee

Eat Right and Exercise Do you like eating sweets? Cookies, ice cream, cake? Meet Barney Bee, a very sweet, yet plumply round bumble bee who spends his day flying from flower to flower eating pollen.  In fact, Barney Bee loves pollen so much he ‘comes down’ with  hefty problem. Join Hamilton Troll as he spends…


Did You Know Bees: Bees are colorblind? They can’t see the color RED Male drone bees can’t sting Some Bumble bee’s don’t live in hives most live in the ground. They only make enough honey to feed themselves.

Barney Bee is my favorite story so far!

I can relate to his eating problem, I love his spunky personality and the dedication to the Texas Wildflowers is an excellent touch! Thank you for writing such educational content. ~ June C.

I laughed myself silly

I just recently read this story and laughed myself silly. He ate so many sweets he couldn’t fly! How many of us have felt that way before? Kathleen has carefully crafted the dreaded E-word (exercise) into a story children won’t mind reading. ~ Nan

Charmingly illustrated narrative verse series for preschoolers

Children age 4 and up will enjoy learning about bees with Hamilton, and games like searching for Pink Light Sprite in the colorful illustrations will help keep reader interest high. The wildflower illustrations are authentic, while the characters of Hamilton and Barney are imaginatively presented against a natural wild prairie background. – Midwest Book Review

Barney Bee

Barney has a sweet tooth. He spends the entire day flying from flower to flower eating pollen until his wings can’t hold him and he falls right out of the sky. Hamilton then determines that Barney may need to exercise in order to get flying again.