Whitaker Owl

Whitaker’s parents were teaching him how to hoot, because owls don’t instinctively know how just like human children need to be taught how to talk. Whitaker’s hoot though sounded more like a ghost’s eerie boo or he shrilled so loud it hurt Hamilton’s ears.

Rudy Rat

Rudy Rat was not very nice in the story but when the children were taught by Hamilton Troll to join together, tell Rudy what he was doing was not nice but ask him to play with them even though, Rudy learns it is more rewarding to have friends than make enemies.

Merle Mouse

Merle Mouse was Hamilton’s first friend. Hamilton met him when he was injured in the story “Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite”. In later stories you see where Merle lives as Hamilton goes to him when he is afraid when he lost his tree and when he was looking for Starlit Troll.

An incredibly fun, non-violent story

Kathleen has shown that for a children’s story to be interesting it doesn’t have to have violence in it. Our children see enough violence every day in the news. They need an escape from all that and this author has provided just that in her book. It lets children be children again and allows a…

Curriculum Book

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