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Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk

Acceptance of Others When young skunks are afraid, they accidentally spray everyone. Meet Skeeter, an excitable skunk who just wants to join Hamilton Troll and the other critters in their big Stick-Nut Game.  However, Skeeter has a little problem. Whenever

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hamilton troll books kathleen j shields author

Did You Know Rabbits: Rabbits are very social and need lots of love and attention Rabbits teeth grow continuously throughout their life. Rabbits ears help regulate their temperature.

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hamilton troll books kathleen j shields author

Did You Know Armadillos: Armadillos are the only living mammals with armor-like shells. Armadillos are born as identical quadruplets (4 exact copies) Armadillos have poor vision, but they have a strong sense of smell.  They can smell up to 7

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hamilton troll books kathleen j shields author

Did You Know Skunks: Young skunks accidentally spray when they are afraid. Skunks have poor eyesight but excellent hearing and sight. They can run 10 miles per hour.  

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Skeeter is so adorable!

My heart went out to him when he sat there crying, embarrassed because he had sprayed everyone. But then when everyone came together to help him my heart just soared! You go Skeeter! ~ April

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I have read your latest book about Hamilton and his friend Skeeter the Skunk, and find it delightful. I kept wondering how on earth you were going to pull it off. How could a skunk not smell? All kids know

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First class educational entertainment for children age 4 and up.

“Hamilton Troll enjoys playing stick-and nut-games with his forest friends, but when Skeeter Skunk wants to join in the game, stinky problems arise. The forest friends do not hold Skeeter to blame for his unconscious defensive behavior of releasing a

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Skeeter Skunk

hamilton troll books kathleen j shields author

Skeeter just wants to join in the big Stick-Nut game, but whenever the ball comes flying towards him or the crowd cheers loudly, it scares Skeeter, and when young skunks get scared, the accidentally spray everyone. Hamilton and his friends

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