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Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite

Problem Solving What would you do if your home filled up with water? Meet Hamilton Troll, a fun-loving friend to the forest creatures and quite a unique little troll. But Hamilton has a problem, a fear he simply can not

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Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk

Acceptance of Others When young skunks are afraid, they accidentally spray everyone. Meet Skeeter, an excitable skunk who just wants to join Hamilton Troll and the other critters in their big Stick-Nut Game.  However, Skeeter has a little problem. Whenever

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Hamilton Troll meets Barney Bee

Eat Right and Exercise Do you like eating sweets? Cookies, ice cream, cake? Meet Barney Bee, a very sweet, yet plumply round bumble bee who spends his day flying from flower to flower eating pollen.  In fact, Barney Bee loves

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Hamilton Troll meets Chatterton Squirrel

Practice Makes Perfect Are you afraid of falling? Meet Chatterton Squirrel, the smallest in his family and the most frightened. While Chatterton’s parents were teaching their young how to leap from tree to tree, Chatterton kept looking down at the

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Hamilton Troll meets Elwood Woodpecker

Discover Petrified Wood Who’s doing all that tapping and moaning?” Meet Elwood Woodpecker, who gains quite a headache after discovering petrified wood! Hamilton Troll remembers that the beaver brothers, Baxter & Boswell, learn about this so the go to learn

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Hamilton Troll meets Whitaker Owl

Face Your Fears What is that scary noise? While listening to the sounds of the night, Hamilton Troll hears something that scares him. He soon discovers that it is a young owl named Whitaker who is being taught by his

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Hamilton Troll meets Dinosaurs

Learn about Fossils What is this odd shaped stone? Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and are now extinct yet they left behind clues that tell their story. Hamilton Troll comes across one of those clues, a fossil, that leads

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Hamilton Troll and the Case of the Missing Home

Christmas Mystery Why does Hamilton Troll live next to a tree stump?  Chatterton Squirrel asks this question one spring day, so Hamilton shares the story about how this whole thing began. While trying to stay warm one cold December morning

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Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat

How to Make Friends Is Rudy Rat a bully? Rudy is not a very nice rat according to Rosa Raccoon and the other children. He does bad things and says mean stuff and no one wants to play with him.

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Hamilton Troll meets Fiona the Dog

Don’t Take Things Where are is everyone’s stuff? Meet Fiona the Dog, an energetic puppy whose favorite word is “Mine!” Things are going missing, so the animals think someone is stealing. Hamilton Troll doesn’t want to believe it, that is,

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Hamilton Troll meets Starlit Troll

Starlit Troll Surprise! Looking up to the sky watching ducks fly by, Hamilton sees something he has never seen before; another troll! Hamilton suddenly realizes he’s not the only troll in the world. Leaping at the chance to learn more,

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Hamilton Troll and the Big Race

Be A Good Sport Emotions run high when Starlit challenges Hamilton to a race. Hamilton’s certain he can’t lose and Starlit’s sure she’ll win. The characters plan a course that takes the trolls through Hamilton’s world. It’s an action-packed race.

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Coloring & Activity Book

Fun Things To Do In celebration of a successful start to a wonderfully educational children’s book series we have created the 100+ page coloring and activity book to go along with the series. Makes a perfect add-to gift for any

Hamilton Troll Curriculum Workbook

Children’s Curriculum Workbook Teachers, home-schoolers, mom and dad – the Hamilton Troll Adventures, award-winning, educational story series has an abundant amount of learning possibilities and this curriculum workbook adds to it beautifully. Work language arts, math and even science projects

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Hamilton Troll Cookbook

Easy to Make Recipes that Children Can Do Themselves with Crazy Names like: TROLL SNOT! Put on your apron and grab a bowl, it’s time to cook with Hamilton Troll. This fun, children’s cookbook has healthy, easy to make recipes

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